String Puppet/Marionette Craft!

Would you like to try making a marionette? A marionette is a puppet that is controlled by strings attached to a rod. All of the cast members of Pockets Full of Fun are either hand puppets or moving mouth puppets which are controlled by hands and fingers. The downloadable puppets already available on our Fun Stuff and Downloads page are either moving mouth or rod puppets. Since Zebedee and Timaeus are both birds it seemed logical to change them into flying marionette puppet!s! There are two versions available, one is full color and the other is black and white so you can decorate it as you like! I would suggest printing them on cardstock paper so that the marionette will hold up better and the wings will “flap” better as well.
Have fun!!!! We would love to see pictures of YOU with the puppets that you have made using the downloadable puppets available here! Check the contact us page for our email address!
Have fun!!