Building a Better World or PUPPET or BOTH!

This summer we are having SO much fun sharing the Build a Better World message in libraries all over the area through our summer reading show. We are encouraging children to look for ways to Be a BUILDER not a BREAKER! We are exploring amazing ways that animals and insects build their homes as well. We focus on how building a better world can be as simple as finding ways to share a SMILE and showing kindness to others!  We also want to share some FUN ways to build puppets so Lily has made a video sharing some of the ideas available right here on our website as free downloadable activities. We also show how to make a bee puppet from a plastic spoon and a stage from a Kleenex box. Check it out! Then get to work building your own puppets and sharing SMILES with others as you perform your own puppet shows!



Build on the BEST!

Our new gospel show for 2017 is called Build on the BEST! We will talk about how the Bible helps us every day with the words we need to deal with the situations we face. Shiloh, Julius, Lydda, Jemimah and Timaeus are featured in this 45 minute program. This program has an option of expanding to an hour with some group activities and learning a magic trick. When we build on the BEST our lives will be better! The children will all receive a copy of this little house to build which is a reminder of the Bible verses we talk about in the show! The house is also available as a free download here!

Pocket Bookmark puppets and Jemimah Dragon!

Pockets Full of Fun now has four tri-fold bookmark puppets which can be printed off and folded to use as puppets as well as bookmarks! But wait – there’s MORE! These puppets also feature lists of our favorite books, books about making puppets and books and tips about ventriloquism as well as information on how to be a HERO! Perhaps you would like to consider these ideas for some great books to buy for the children (and adults!) in your life!  Be sure to print off the bookmark to include with the gift! Color it yourself or print it in color! The best thing about these puppets is that they fold flat so that they will fit right into your pocket making it easy to keep a puppet with you at all times! You can accessorize them with pom-poms or wiggle eyes to make them 3-dimensional! Download them here!

The Jemimah Dragon puppet is a fun activity to encourage creativity and use up scraps of ribbon and trim that you may have around the house! With these great puppet your children can put on a puppet show for the family!  Download it here!

Merry Christmas from Pockets Full of Fun!

Another year has come to a close! So much has happened this year and I want to take time to say THANK YOU to all of you for being part of the FUN! Once again I put nearly 25,000 miles on my car traveling all over the Midwest to visit libraries, churches, schools and other community events. We love being able to bring programs that entertain, encourage and educate while sharing FUN and smiles as well. This year we have a special Christmas greeting already available on our Fun Stuff and Downloads page, for you to download and print off. You can print it already colored or color it yourself! We hope that this little decoration will remind you that we appreciate YOU!!

Have a wonderful holiday season!!

Lily wants to remind all of you that her video called, “Lily and the Legend of Santa Claus” is still available and would make a great Christmas gift! The cost is $5.00 with free shipping to the continental US. Buy it here, or send a message using the contact form and I will help you out! Here is the preview of the DVD:



String Puppet/Marionette Craft!

Would you like to try making a marionette? A marionette is a puppet that is controlled by strings attached to a rod. All of the cast members of Pockets Full of Fun are either hand puppets or moving mouth puppets which are controlled by hands and fingers. The downloadable puppets already available on our Fun Stuff and Downloads page are either moving mouth or rod puppets. Since Zebedee and Timaeus are both birds it seemed logical to change them into flying marionette puppet!s! There are two versions available, one is full color and the other is black and white so you can decorate it as you like! I would suggest printing them on cardstock paper so that the marionette will hold up better and the wings will “flap” better as well.
Have fun!!!! We would love to see pictures of YOU with the puppets that you have made using the downloadable puppets available here! Check the contact us page for our email address!
Have fun!!