Libraries ROCK – A Musical Mis-Adventure!

Pockets Full of Fun is excited about summer´s 2018 “Libraries ROCK – A Musical Mis-Adventure!” We will be introducing some new friends and having fun with an Instant Rock star kit, bell choir mystery, a kitchen band and a new Rock Anthem accompanied by children in the audience! Be sure to download the coloring sheet, and the two pop-up puppet activities to go along with the show! We will be making the pop-up puppets at puppet making workshops which will be held at a few libraries, but you can do it yourself if you can’t make it! ROCK ON AT YOUR LIBRARY!


Pockets Full of Fun Summer 2018  Schedule:

May 29 – Harrisburg Public Library, SD 10:00

May 31 – Beresford Public Library, SD 1:00

May 31 – Alcestor Public Library, SD 3:00

June 2 – Albert City Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church Women’s group noon

June 4 – Orange City Public Library, IA 6:00

June 5 – Lake Park Public Library, IA 1:00

June 6 – Jackson Public Library MN 10:00, 2:00

June 7 – Lakefield Public Library, MN 10:00, 1:00

June 7 – Heron Lake, MN 4:00

June 8 – Rembrandt Public Library, IA 10:00

June 11 – Lakeview Public Library, IA 3:00

June 12 – Akron Public Library, IA 10:30, 1:00

June 12 – Centerville Public Library, SD 4:00

June 14 – Sioux Center Public Library, IA 10:00

June 14 – Hawarden Public Library, IA 1:00

June 15 – Norfolk Public Library, NE 10:30

June 18 – Sioux Rapids Public Library, IA 10:00

June 18 – Merrill Public Library, IA 2:00

June 19 – Spirit Lake Public Library, IA 10:30

June 19 – Spirit Lake Public Library, IA workshop 1:00

June 19 – Lake Mills Care Center, IA 4:30

June 19 – Lake Mills Public Library, IA 6:00

June 21 – LaVista Public Library, NE 10:30

June 21 – Papillion Public Library, NE 6:30

June 22 – Dunlap Public Library, IA 10:30

June 25 – Yankton Public Library, SD 10:30

June 25 – Vermillion Public Library, SD 1:00

June 26 – Denver Public Library, IA 1:30

June 28 – Gregory Public Library, SD 10:00

June 28 – Lake Andes Public Library, SD 1:15

June 28 – Pierre Public Library, SD 6:00

June 29 – Aberdeen Public Library, SD 10:00, 2:00

June 30 – Gettysburg Public Library, SD 10:30

July 3 – Broken Bow Public Library, SD 10:00

July 3 – Kearney Public Library, SD 2:00

July 5 – Glenwood Public Library, IA 10:00

July 5 – Sheldon Public Library, IA 3:30

July 9 – Millard Branch Omaha, Public Library, NE 1:00

July 10 – Ida Grove Public Library, IA 10:30

July 10 – Galva Public Library, IA 3:00

July 12 – Rock Rapids Public Library, IA 10:30 with workshop

July 13 – Sleepy Eye Public Library, MN 10:00

July 13 – Springfield Public Library, MN 1:00

July 14 – Lake Preston Public Library, SD 1:00

July 15 – Central Church Carroll, IA 9:30, 11:00

July 17 – 22 Vent Haven ConVENTion, Hebron, KY Performing the 18th

July 24 – Pleasant Hill Public Library, IA 10:00

July 25 – Laurens Public Library, IA 1:00 and workshop

July 26 – Lenox Public Library, SD 10:00

July 27 – Graceville Public Library, MN 10:00

July 27 – Ortonville Public Library, MN 1:30

July 27 – Maynard Public Library, MN 6:00

July 31 – Windom Public Library, MN 10:30

July 31 – Mt. Lake Public Library, MN 1:00

August 1 – Renwick Public Library, IA 2:00

August 2 – Ventura Public Library, IA 1:00 and workshop

August 3 – Moville Fair, IA 11:00 show, puppet making 11:30

August 4 – Moville Fair, IA 11:00 show, puppet making 11:30

New Activities for a New Year!

Hard to believe that it is 2018! This means it has been 10 years since I retired from teaching to focus completely on my Pockets Full of Fun programs and 14 years of doing ventriloquism! I have SO enjoyed all the opportunities that I have had to share Pockets Full of Fun programs over the last 14 years! I love sharing smiles and hearing laughter of the children and adults in my audiences! I have added a few new puppet and activity downloads for the young people in your home, library or school! Check them out! Especially good for any snowy days that prevent you from going outside!
Be watching for a video preview of my new summer show as well as some information about a new program available for schools and community events!

Building a Better World or PUPPET or BOTH!

This summer we are having SO much fun sharing the Build a Better World message in libraries all over the area through our summer reading show. We are encouraging children to look for ways to Be a BUILDER not a BREAKER! We are exploring amazing ways that animals and insects build their homes as well. We focus on how building a better world can be as simple as finding ways to share a SMILE and showing kindness to others!  We also want to share some FUN ways to build puppets so Lily has made a video sharing some of the ideas available right here on our website as free downloadable activities. We also show how to make a bee puppet from a plastic spoon and a stage from a Kleenex box. Check it out! Then get to work building your own puppets and sharing SMILES with others as you perform your own puppet shows!



Build on the BEST!

Our new gospel show for 2017 is called Build on the BEST! We will talk about how the Bible helps us every day with the words we need to deal with the situations we face. Shiloh, Julius, Lydda, Jemimah and Timaeus are featured in this 45 minute program. This program has an option of expanding to an hour with some group activities and learning a magic trick. When we build on the BEST our lives will be better! The children will all receive a copy of this little house to build which is a reminder of the Bible verses we talk about in the show! The house is also available as a free download here!

Pocket Bookmark puppets and Jemimah Dragon!

Pockets Full of Fun now has four tri-fold bookmark puppets which can be printed off and folded to use as puppets as well as bookmarks! But wait – there’s MORE! These puppets also feature lists of our favorite books, books about making puppets and books and tips about ventriloquism as well as information on how to be a HERO! Perhaps you would like to consider these ideas for some great books to buy for the children (and adults!) in your life!  Be sure to print off the bookmark to include with the gift! Color it yourself or print it in color! The best thing about these puppets is that they fold flat so that they will fit right into your pocket making it easy to keep a puppet with you at all times! You can accessorize them with pom-poms or wiggle eyes to make them 3-dimensional! Download them here!

The Jemimah Dragon puppet is a fun activity to encourage creativity and use up scraps of ribbon and trim that you may have around the house! With these great puppet your children can put on a puppet show for the family!  Download it here!