Children love to laugh

Did you know that children smile an average of 400 times a day and they laugh nearly 300 times a day? Brain research shows that smiling and laughing increases brain activity and helps make connections in the brain which makes learning more effective. But this is not just for children! Adults typically only laugh 17 times a day! Women smile about 62 times a day but the average man only smiles 8 times a day! I think we adults have some work to do! Our brains need to work more effecively too! So here are some suggestions to help our adult brains improve their effectiveness!

Children´s books and DVD

I´m the only one who loves cliff the goat -by Lisa Laird ($12.50)

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What happens when a cute little pygmy goat becomes the family pet of a little girl who lives in town? Read all about the misadventures of Cliff the Goat and the people and animals who did NOT appreciate him, and the love of one little girl who did! This story is inspired by TRUE events!

Cows can be scary -by Lisa Laird ($14.50)

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A rhyming story about a little boy who tried to blame some scary cows for his own actions. The book includes an activity guide with discussion questions and enrichment ideas.

Lilys visit

Lily´s visit to the Tulip Festival -by Lily Joy and Lisa Laird ($12.50)

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Lily shares a pictorial guide of her visit to the Tulip Festival held in Orange City, Iowa. The book also includes a recipe for Lily’s favorite Dutch treat and some fun activities.

Let puppets change your life (you won´t be sorry) -by Lisa Laird ($10.00)

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Are you looking for a way to add creativity to your learning environment and encourage brain development at the same time? Puppetry is what you are looking for!! This short guide will help you learn how to make puppets and use puppets in a classroom setting!

Lily´s ABC guide to proper accessorization -by Lily Joy and Lisa Laird ($10.50)

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A special ABC book for little girls who love accessorization and dressing up. Craft ideas included as well as a glossary of fashion terms!

Lily and the legend of Santa Claus -DVD by Lisa Laird and Pockets Full of Fun ($10.00)

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Have fun learning the real history of Santa Claus with Lisa, her puppets and Santa himself! Don’t forget to print the activity sheet! Watch a preview:

Pockets Full of Fun summer reading challenge

Join in the fun with a little reading challenge! Post on our Facebook page the goal you have for how many books you would like to read this summer and I will check in with you at the end of August for your list of the books you read. Everyone who reaches their goal will receive a special Pockets Full of Fun coloring/activity book and activity packet! If your child is signed up at your local library then all you need to do is sign up here too!! Of course the young ones can have the books read to them!! I will keep this post pinned to the top of the page all summer long! Be sure to post pictures of any great books you have read!