Gospel themed shows

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When we welcome children, we are welcoming Jesus Himself! Pockets Full of Fun programs introduce children to the truths of the Bible in fun and engaging ways that they will remember! Using puppets, simple magic and stories, the children will actively participate in learning, Every year Lisa writes a new Gospel based program as well as programs for Christmas and Easter. Each program features stories from the Bible with fun applications of Biblical truths which will work well for Mid-week church programs, Sunday Morning programs or VBS and other outreach programs.

Lisa has an extensive background in puppet ministry, directing and performing in her local church, at Creative Ministry Solutions regional and International festivals, doing Council Times for Awana, teaching in Christian Preschools, and a mission school in Papua New Guinea. Lisa has been trained through Child Evangelism Outreach. Lisa has also worked with the Christian TV Show called Kids Crossing which is broadcast throughout South Dakota.

Lisa and her puppets would love to join you in celebrating God’s Word! Contact her for information about the current show or to ask about a specific theme to fit your event!

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Build on the BEST!
Our new gospel show for 2017 is called Build on the BEST! We will talk about how the Bible helps us every day with the words we need to deal with the situations we face. Shiloh, Julius, Lydda, Jemimah and Timaeus are featured in this 45 minute program. This program has an option of expanding to an hour with some group activities and learning a magic trick. When we build on the BEST our lives will be better! The children will all receive a copy of this little house to build which is a reminder of the Bible verses we talk about in the show! The house is also available as a free download here!



Spinning Tales into Treasure

Join Lisa, Lily, Jemimah and Dorcas – or Grandma Dori as she is sometimes called – in a treasure filled discovery of how our family tales and stories become valuable jewels if we take the time to stop and listen.

Grandma Dori’s stories are adapted from actual stories from the life of Lisa’s Grandmother and Mother-in-law. You may find yourself remembering treasured tales from your family history.

This program offered by Pockets Full of Fun is perfect for Women’s Meetings, Mother-Daughter Banquets and conferences. Call Lisa today to schedule ‘Spinning Tales into Treasure’ for your next women’s event!

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